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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Teachers' Choice: Favorite Middle School Lessons

Last week I shared the answers that elementary teachers gave to the question “Describe (in brief) the best Montana history or IEFA lesson or project or resource your taught this year--the one you will make time for next year no matter what.” Today, I'll share middle school teachers' answers to the same question. I've added links to likely lesson plans and additional information in brackets. High school teachers' responses coming soon. 

Cindy Hatten. who teaches 6-8 grades Colstrip, shared three favorites: The Original Governor's Mansion footlocker,[scroll down for the link to the User Guide], The Railroads Transform Montana PowerPoint lesson plan, and the Women at Work lesson plan.

Jennifer Hall, who teaches 8th grade in Eureka, wrote: "Mapping MT: A-Z, Girl from the Gulches lessons, Charlie Russell on Indians and Gallery Walk and many more."

Laura Dukart, 8th grade MT history in Wibaux, also loves Mapping Montana: "Students "travel" to towns they select in alphabetical order, noting the mileage between each, and facts about each town."

Jennifer Graham, who teaches 7-12 history in Philipsburg, writes: "A field trip to the [Montana Historical Society] Museum. It is always worth it!!!  I love how it brings to life the textbook and everything we have talked about all year long."

Power teacher Shelly Vick wrote: "7 Essentials Understandings illustrated on tipis.  Didn't expect it to go well but the students loved it."

Jennifer Ogden, K-12 art teacher in Victor, recommends "The Art of Storytelling." [We sent packets of this unit on pictographic art to every public school library and also put the material on our website for download.]

Sunny Real Bird, a Ronan 7th grade math teacher, recommends "traditional games." [Here's a Traditional Games Unit from OPI.]

Other teachers replied anonymously: 

 "FIRST-Teaching about Ledger Art and then making our own ledger art from ledger paper. SECOND-I will definitely check out the Lewis and Clark trunk again."

"Charlie Russell and VTS."

"The trial of Henry Plummer- students draw for prosecution or defense. We use multiple sources and put Mr. Plummer on Trial."

"Making parfleche bags."

"Lewis and Clark: Journals on the Yellowstone and visit to forts/confluence."

"Sense of Place lessons...learning about the community, (right now and in the past)."

Do you have a favorite lesson you'd like to share? It's not too late. Email me with details and I'll share it with the group. 

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