Monday, May 2, 2016

Cool Stuff: IEFA resources, self grading quizzes, and Story Maps

Normally I like thematic posts--but sometimes I can't make it happen. Here are a couple of cool links and ideas I've stumbled across recently. Hope at least one is interesting to you.

I was fascinated by "The Children Taken from Home for a Social Experiment," a BBC article about Inuit children taken from Greenland in the 1950s to be educated as "model Danish citizens." Sound familiar? It might be a useful piece to read when teaching about American Indian boarding schools--or a good way to integrate IEFA into your world history/world cultures class. Another good resource for this would be one of my favorite movies, Rabbit Proof Fence, the 2002 Australian drama about three mixed-race aboriginal girls who run away from boarding school to return to their families.

The blog "Doing Social Studies" offers this cool hack for creating self-grading quizzes using Google Forms. Yeah for efficiency!

StoryMaps are an amazing tool for connecting ideas and events to place. ESRI offers free ArcGIS accounts to classrooms so you and your students can make your own maps. They also offer lesson plans and an amazing gallery of maps that others have created. Check out some of their "Featured Maps from the Living Atlas," and especially from their History Section, for example, Katrina at 10.   

Happy surfing.

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