Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tools for creating timelines

Back in 2012, this community had a lively discussion about how to use timelines after some teachers asked us to create a wall timeline based on the timelines in Montana: Stories of the Land. Ultimately, we did not pursue the project, mostly because of a lack of resources. But we also heard from lots of teachers who thought the best timelines were ones created by students.

Low-tech timelines are great. But for those who like to incorporate technology in the classroom, there are many free timeline tools, including HSTRYTimeline JSRWT TimelineTimeGliderDipity, and MyHistro. FreeTech4Teachers reviewed HSTRY and these other timelines in two very useful articles. (HSTRY got its own article because FreeTech4Teachers learned about it only after he created this chart comparing the other timeline tools.)

Have you used any of these? Share your experiences and opinions. 

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  1. Here is teacher feedback I received via email: “I really like HSTRY! I used it when it was in beta, and they were amazingly prompt at getting back to me with any tech issues or bugs I found. They are still very accessible even after the website has launched and the software is very easy to use. They are by far my favorite (I also use it as a class "blog" where I pose questions to students and they can reply back to me and to each other.)”

    “Our district provides a subscription to World Book Online and on WB one can have a personal account - teacher or student - and create an interactive timeline. Graphics and info can be added, but WB will vet those sources.”