Thursday, December 18, 2014

Common Core and Images

I have long believed that we should teach students to apply close reading strategies to primary sources, including visual sources like photographs and that, conversely, having students work with visual sources gives them an important (and accessible) opportunity to practice close reading.

TPS-Barat (whose work I mentioned in this recent post) created this useful comparison between Common Core Reading Anchor Standards and Image Analysis Skills that I pull out every time I need to persuade someone that having students analyzing images is real, worthwhile work. 

So it was great to see the video Applying Common Core Habits to Arts Lessons on the Teaching Channel recently. It focused on teaching students to use close reading habits and asking/answering text dependent questions when they look at art. 

Looking for other tools that use images to help students practice close reading (and make evidence-based claims)? I'm completely enamored with Visual Thinking Strategies, a technique discussed in more detail here

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