Monday, November 17, 2014

9th Annual Indian Education For All Best Practices Conference and IEFA Resources

When my son was four he announced to me that “Indians only live in museums.” You can imagine my horror as I rushed to supply him with examples of contemporary American Indian life.

According to this article in Indian Country Today, most children still think that “All Indians Are Dead.” I don’t think study accurately reflects the reality on the ground in Montana because the researcher only coded state mandated history standards, and thus ignored Montana’s influential Essential Understandings Regarding MontanaIndians, which increasingly have guided classroom instruction since their adoption in 2001. Nevertheless—the article impressed upon me how important and transformative Indian Education for All has been—and how important it is to maintain momentum.

The 9th Annual Indian Education For All Best Practices Conference will be held in Bozeman this year on Feb. 22-24. Up to 14 CEUs will be available. At the heart of the conference will be “Tribal Culture Immersion Sessions” led by well-respected members of tribal culture committees, tribal college faculty and other cultural experts. Space is limited for what looks to be an incredible learning opportunity so I recommend registering early. Learn more here. 

Looking for some plug-and-play IEFA lesson plans? Here are ones we’ve created—almost all of which are primary source based. 

Of course, OPI has an even larger number of lesson plans, searchable by subject matter, grade level and topic. 

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