Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Same Great Material, New URL

Beginning April 16, the Montana: Stories of the Land Companion Website and Teacher's Guide is moving to a new server. The new address is http://svcalt.mt.gov/education/Textbook/TextbookMainPage.asp. Please change your bookmarks.

Montana educators and students will also be able to access the textbook site (as well as links to many other resources) through the Outreach and Interpretation section of the Society's home page: http://mhs.mt.gov/education.aspx. Or--simply visit the Society's main page, www.montanahistoricalsociety.org (or www.mhs.mt.gov) and select "Outreach and Interpretation" from the dropdown bar.

I'll be slowly revising the links listed in past posts on Teaching Montana History. Meanwhile, if you click on a link and you get an error message, please don't panic. Instead:
  1. Look at the URL. Notice that the first three letters after // are "mhs".
  2. Replace the "mhs" with "svcalt".  For example,  http://mhs.mt.gov/education/textbook/Chapter20/Chapter20.asp (the old link to the Chapter 20 material) needs to be changed to http://scvalt.mt.gov/education/textbook/Chapter20/Chapter20.asp.
  3. Push Enter.
Alternately, try looking for the page you want to find on the new textbook site at http://svcalt.mt.gov/education/Textbook/TextbookMainPage.asp. And, of course, if you have any problem finding what you need, email me at mkohl@mt.gov.

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