Friday, February 21, 2014

Resources for Teaching about Women's Suffrage in Montana

As I've noted in previous posts, including Women's History Matters and Montana Women's History Articles to Use in the Classroom, 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in Montana.

In celebration, we've created the Women's History Matters website, with resources to spread awareness about Montana women's contributions, challenges, and stories.

We are working on curriculum--and are planning a educator workshop focused on incorporating women's history into the classroom for June 16-18 in Helena. (Mark the date and stay tuned for more information.) Meanwhile, I wanted to point out a few resources that might available that you may want to use to teach about women's suffrage in Montana, and nationally.

We've gathered links to Montana resources on the Women's History Matters web site under the suffrage tab. These include a brief history of the suffrage struggle (a longer one is here); links to historic newspaper articles about women's suffrage (digitized by Chronicling America); a video on the history of Billings suffragist Hazel Hunkins; a Montana women's suffrage bibliography, and an interactive map that shows how each Montana county voted when on the question in 1914.

It's all cool, but I'm most excited about the map, which did exactly what a good map is supposed to do--helped me visualize patterns more clearly. Click on any county to see the total number of votes cast, and how many voters supported and opposed suffrage, in that county.

It isn't Montana, but I'm also in love with this Lady Gaga parody on YouTube: Suffrage: Bad Romance. If you know your suffrage history you can find at least 10 sound historical references to actual events during the campaign for suffrage--and maybe more. (Plus--it's just a great video. "I laughed. I cried." Really.)

P.S. I'm heading to St. Louis next week on vacation so I won't be posting--but I'll be back at it March 3.

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