Monday, April 29, 2013

New: Montana Biography Page Designed for Young Student Researchers

I know a lot of teachers have students create “wax museums” or do other biographical projects, especially in fourth grade. That’s why I’m very pleased to let you know that we’ve created a special page for students doing biography projects.
We gathered a diverse list of subjects—48 in total—half men, half women, 27% Native American, with representatives from the nineteenth, twentieth, and even twenty-first centuries.

The list includes authors (B. M. Bower, Frank Bird Linderman, and D’Arcy McNickel), athletes (skier Eric Bergoust and bronc rider Allice Greenough Orr), pilots (Esther Vance), musicians (Jean Wrobel and Taylor Gordon), medical professionals (Susie Walking Bear Yellowtail, Dr. Caroline McGill, and Huie Pock), politicians (Burton K. Wheeler, Jeannette Rankin, Mike Mansfield, Maggie Smith Hathaway), religious (Sister Providencia Tolan, “Brother Van,” and Father DeSmet), veterans (George Oiye, Minnie Spotted Wolf), visual artists (Charlie Russell, John Clarke, Fanny Cory Cooney, Edgar Paxson), lawyers (Ella Knowles Haskell), business owners and copper barons (Sarah Bickford, Mattie Castner, William Clark, Marcus Daly, and Frederick Heinze), tribal leaders (Earl Old Person, Robert Yellowtail and Chief Charlo) and many more.

We’re particularly pleased that we were able to provide links to two different sources for each subject to facilitate meeting Common Core Standard CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.4.9: "Integrate information from two texts on the same topic in order to write or speak about the subject knowledgeably."

We’ve provided links to the Montana Biography page on both the Educator Resources and Student Resources pages of our website.

Take a look and let me know what you think. More importantly, let me know what your students think.

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  1. Great info! I'm passing along an activity I do with my kids. It's, obviously, a play on Face Book. The poster templates are from Teacher’s Discovery http://www.teachersdiscovery.com/farce-book-blank-profile-posters-set-of-30.html and can be ordered online. Kids love them because they're fun, and I like them because it drives the research of heir subjects. I try to pair up people and have students' subjects chat with each other, Custer and Sitting Bull, for example.