Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spring Professional Development Opportunity

As teachers begin implementing the Common Core State Standards, an exciting new program offers regional workshops focused on Literacy in Social studies, Science, and Technical Subjects (LISSTS). With onsite regional workshops and an online course focused on Digital Research, LISSTS is a great opportunity for training.

The workshops and course are free and the registration deadline (January 15) is fast approaching. For dates and details go to http://www.mus.edu/writingproficiency/index.asp, where you can also register online. We encourage districts to send at least two teachers (from two content areas, or a librarian and a teacher) and for participants to attend the workshops and take the online course; however, these are not required to participate.

I’ll be presenting at the workshop in Billings, which focuses on literacy in social studies. We’ll be looking at perspective and bias, with an emphasis on the homesteading era.

Dottie Susag, whom many of you know, will be presenting at the workshop in Helena (Literacy in Technical Subjects)—the Helena workshop will investigate hydraulic fracturing (fracking) as a model for reading and writing strategies.

The Missoula workshop will focus on Literacy in Health Science by exploring issues in obesity.

Register or find more information here: http://www.mus.edu/writingproficiency/index.asp

P.S. When the University system began promoting this, they said that schools must send pairs of teachers (an English teacher and a subject matter teacher)—but they’ve changed the requirement. While they still prefer teacher pairs, it is no longer a requirement for participation. Originally, the online course was only going to be available for those participating in the physical workshops, but they think they will have enough spaces so that individuals can register separately for the online digital researc workshop.

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