Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Picturing the Past--A New IEFA Lesson Plan from MHS

MHS has a new IEFA lesson plan, created by Bozeman high school teacher Derek Strahn, with assistance from Joe Horse Capture, the Associate Curator of Native American Art at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. (Funding for this lesson plan came from the OPI Indian Education Division).

Recommended for use in grades seven through nine, the activity challenges students to examine historical photographs while considering issues of cultural change and continuity over time. We have links to it from our website (both on our Indian Education for All Lesson Plans page, which can be found under Educator Resources in the Outreach and Interpretation portion of the MHS website) and from the For Educators page of Chapter 11 of the Montana: Stories of the Land textbook companion website.

I’m excited about this lesson plan, which offers an interesting way to help students interpret historic photographs. I’d be interested to learn what you think of it—and, if you use it—how your students respond.

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