Monday, April 11, 2011

Not Montana, but oh so cool...

Here are some social studies/history links I’ve come across lately that I thought were useful, fascinating, or otherwise noteworthy—even though they are not directly (or in some cases even tangentially) tied to Montana.

Wessels Living History Farm, York, Nebraska, website looks at how agriculture has changed from the 1920s to the present. (If you know about agriculture and farming history, I’d love to hear from you how the Montana experience compares).

Minnesota Public Radio did a fascinating story on letters written by Dakota men imprisoned after the Dakota Conflict of 1862.

Each year a Book Review Committee appointed by the National Council for Social Studies creates annotated book lists of “Notable Tradebooks for Young People.” Books selected for this bibliography are written primarily for children in grades K-8. Titles are arranged by broad subject categories and subthemes. Annotators also indicate the thematic strand of Expectations of Excellence: Curriculum Standards for Social Studies to which the book relates.

Speaking of booklists: Dottie Susag has created a series of IEFA bibliographies with Accelerated Reader designations:  

The Library of Virginia has digitized surveys completed by soldiers returning from World War I, or their surviving kin. I was fascinated by the answers veterans gave to questions regarding the effect of the war and military service on states of mind and religious beliefs. A fuller review and link to the resource can be found here: 

Happy surfing.

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