Thursday, February 2, 2017

Visit with Nancy Russell in the Russell Gallery on Your Spring Field Trip


For thirty years Nancy Cooper Russell served as the business manager for her husband, Montana's famed Cowboy Artist Charlie Russell.  Join Nancy (as portrayed by noted historical interpreter Mary Jane Bradbury) in a unique, living history tour of the Montana Historical Society’s Mackay Gallery of Russell Art. Nancy will share firsthand stories about her life with Charlie and the integral role she played in creating the remarkable legacy of Russell art that we still have today. Don’t miss this special opportunity! Appropriate for grades 1–12 and adults.

Days this tour is available:
March 13, 14, and 15
Week of March 20-24
March 30 and 31
Week of April 3-7
Week of April 10-14

Please call 406-444-3695 or 444-4789 to schedule your school or group tour.

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No matter where you take your students, I hope you'll do the prep work to make their field trip experience truly meaningful. Here are some ideas on how to make field trips more than a fun day away from school.

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