Thursday, December 10, 2015

Interdisciplinary Unit: The 10,000 Year Significance of Bison

Project Archaeology recently featured the work of graduate student Mario Battaglia, who, in cooperation with educators and cultural experts on the Blackfeet reservation, recently published a new interdisciplinary, bison-themed curriculum designed for use in grades 6-9 science, social studies, and language arts classes.

According to Mario, "the curriculum examines the 10,000 year significance of bison to Native and, much later, non-Native peoples primarily within the state of Montana. In all, five interactive, hands-on, and student-driven units highlight bison’s integral role culturally, politically, socially, and ecologically both before and after Euroamerican contact. Throughout the curriculum sequence, students uncover bison’s dynamic and turbulent past, discover bison’s central placement within Native cultures, and are challenged to critically engage with the processes leading to the near-extinction of bison in the late 1800s. From this understanding, students are tasked with determining potential steps forward in bison restoration and management."

You can read more about the free curriculum on Project Archaeology's website or download the 5-unit curriculum and review it for yourself.

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