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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Two more summer professional development opportunities

Tammy Elser (an amazing thinker from whom I have learned a lot) just sent me information about some trainings she’s offering this summer. They look amazing. I know I said this list was on hiatus for the summer, but rules are made to be broken, right?

From Tammy:

For those currently using or soon to transition to block scheduling, the power and potential of the extra time block allows is huge in implementation of literacy practices, including investigations and research in SS under the MCCS and 3C standards. I am doing a 15 hour special training called Inspire Literacy Leadership with MBI that will demonstrate many, many practices you could take straight into the classroom. We are even offering a modest honoraria of $200 to participants. Info is in the link following. I would love a contingent of history teachers as almost all my demonstrations are history and IEFA integration ... Using  lots of primary source material.  Go to https://goo.gl/ziZ1H5.

Also, we will be conducting a Writing To Learn session on August 21st, focused again on the literacy standards 5-12, including emphasis on history and science standards. It is free and in Lewistown.  https://goo.gl/SmU5ul