Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nominate Someone for the Montana Heritage Keeper Award

Who are the Heritage Keepers in your community--the people who have worked tirelessly to preserve our shared history and culture? Consider nominating one of these special people for the 2015 Montana Historical Society Board of Trustees' Heritage Keeper Award. Details below.

The Montana Historical Society Board of Trustees is seeking nominations to honor those who have worked at local or statewide efforts making significant contributions to preserving the history and cultural heritage of Montana.

The Trustees' Heritage Keepers Awards will be presented at the 42nd Annual Montana History Conference that will be held this year in Bozeman Sept. 24-26. The awards can be for individuals or groups, and one award is given for the eastern half of the state and another for the western half.

“The important work of preserving Montana history begins at the local level,” MHS Trustee Janene Caywood  of Missoula said. “The people who care about, document and preserve their history are the backbone of the Montana Historical Society, It is the board’s honor to recognize this work, which contributes to understanding our history and cultural heritage.”

Nominations can be based on a variety of things from writing histories of local communities, to preserving and perpetuating traditional cultural practices, to preserving historic buildings and sites, to collection and preservation of artifacts, art, photos and archival material for the public.

Nominations must be received by March 15. and should include a short description of the work the nominee has accomplished, its impact on local and state history, a biographical sketch of the nominee, and supporting documentation such as newspaper clips, commendations, awards, and letters of support.

You can find the nomination form and instructions online here, Submit your nomination by email or by mail to Heritage Keepers Award, Montana Historical Society, PO Box 201201, Helena MT 59620-1201. For more information contact Susan Near at 406-444-4713 or snear@mt.gov.

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