Monday, February 16, 2015

Helping Elementary Students Work with Historic Newspapers: The Shake and Source Newspaper Game

Billings elementary Librarian Ruth Ferris recently had a guest post on TPS-Barat (Primary Source Nexus Teaching Resource Blog) in which she shared her Shake and Source Newspaper game, for use with historic newspapers digitized through Chronicling America.

She originally developed the Shake and Source while working on the lesson “Montana’s State Flower:  A Lesson in Civic Engagement,” which she created for us and which is posted on our Educator Resources page. Then she adapted the game for more general use.  The game helps students become familiar with the process of “sourcing” a document; develop vocabulary; and make inferences as they learn to analyze historic newspapers.

For more ideas from TPS-Barat on teaching with primary sources, visit their site--or see my favorites, featured in previous posts: "Techniques for Analyzing Primary Sources" and "Common Core and Images".

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