Monday, January 5, 2015

Popular Past Posts

Happy New Year! The coming of the new year is a time for reflection, so I decided to take a moment and look back. Below are the most popular posts to this blog.

5. In fifth place, with 277 views, is Teaching Montana History in Fourth Grade. This post suggests ways to piece together a fourth grade curriculum using existing lesson plans.

4. In fourth place, with 326 views, is Lesson Plans on Mining and Primary Sources. This post featured lesson plans created by teachers who attended 2011 Richest Hills: Mining and the Far West, a Landmarks of American History and Culture workshop, funded by NEH. We've taken the link to most of those lessons down--but you can find the creme de la creme here. And consider applying to this summer's Richest Hills workshop--it is back, bigger and better than ever. 

3. In third place, with 454 views, is Teaching Women's History Matters. Since this post mostly provides information about a workshop we gave last year, I'm going to cheat and provide instead a link to the original post on the Women's History Matters project. This one contains useful links and information and actually came in at number 7 on the top ten list.

2. In second place, with 487 views, is Top Ten Most Important Events in Montana History. This provides links to a survey--which you (and your students) can still take--although I'm no longer tabulating results. It also includes links to the survey results. I found both taking the survey and analyzing the results thought provoking.

1. In first place, with a whopping 2,778 views, is National History Day Theme for 2015. My guess is that this number is inflated by the thousands of students googling "National History Day Theme 2015"--but that only goes to show how very popular NHD is across the country. Want more information on participating in National History Day? Start here--or contact the Montana coordinator, Gallatin Gateway middle school teacher Michael Herdina.

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