Monday, January 12, 2015

Free Online Professional Development

Looking to earn an OPI Renewal Unit and learn a thing or two about resources for teaching Montana history or Teaching with Primary Sources?

Check out our Online Professional Development page.

I spent Christmas vacation updating the first offering: an online tour of the Montana Historical Society's Educator Resources and Montana: Stories of the Land Companion Website. I created this online professional development training (worth one OPI renewal unit) several years ago and it had become wildly out of date. If you are new to teaching Montana history--or even if you've been at it awhile but haven't spent time exploring our website, this training is for you.

This page also features six trainings created by the Library of Congress:

  • Introduction to the Library of Congress
  • Supporting Inquiry with Primary Sources
  • Copyright and Primary Sources
  • Analyzing Primary Sources: Photographs and Prints
  • Analyzing Primary Sources: Maps
  • Finding Primary Sources

We liked them so much, decided to encourage their use by Montana teachers by providing links and adding a quiz to each so that we could provide OPI Renewal units.

Are there other online trainings you'd recommend to your colleagues? Let me know and I'll pass the word along.

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