Friday, November 14, 2014

Share Tour Story of Youth Agricultural Education with the Smithsonian

This came in at the end of last year. It’s another great crowd-sourcing project that your high school students could become involved in. More crowd-sourcing project ideas here and here. The Library of Congress Veterans Project also encourages community participation--including work by students 10th grade and above.

By the way, the Montana Women's History Matters blog featured an article about 4-H in Montana: "Head, Hearts, Hands, and Health: Montana's Women and Girls in the 4-H Movement."  


Share your story of childhood agricultural education, whether with FFA, 4-H, or another organization, with the Smithsonian.  

If you were a member of FFA, 4-H, or other agricultural education program as a kid, you know just how powerful these experiences can be.

Some still remember lessons learned in these organizations as adults:

"We're in this enormous coliseum and you look around and it's all blue jackets," said Smithsonian Gardens Supervisory Horticulturist Brett McNish, who was a student FFA member in Illinois. "It was a pretty powerful moment, as a teenager, to stop and really recognize that you're part of something great and important."
Brett was first to add his story to the National Museum of American History's Agriculture Innovation and Heritage Archive, an online archive where anyone can explore American agricultural history shared by people like you. Check out Brett's story and add your own.

Curator Peter Liebhold


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