Monday, October 20, 2014

Two Great PowerPoint-based Lesson Plans

Last year we revamped our website. I tried to be conscientious about updating all the links that broke as a result, but last week, while preparing for the MEA-MFT educator conference, I realized that the links to download the PowerPoints haven't been working. We've fixed these now and I highly recommend both lessons for fourth grade and up.
"Picturing the Past: Understanding Cultural Change and Continuity among Montana's Indians through Historic Photographs" is a two-day learning activity designed to complement Chapter 11 of the Montana: Stories of the Land textbook. The activity challenges students to examine historical photographs while considering issues of cultural change and continuity over time.
The Montana Historical Society created the lesson plan "Railroads Transform Montana" to complement Chapter 9 of the Montana: Stories of the Land textbook. The lesson -- which includes a PowerPoint presentation -- emphasizes the how trains affected the social, economic, and physical landscape of Montana.
We do our best to keep our links up to date, but I need your help. If you ever come across a broken link in material the Montana Historical Society has produced, please let me know. 

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