Thursday, September 18, 2014

IEFA Videos for American Indian Heritage Appreciation Day/Week/Month

A teacher contacted me to ask if I knew of "any videos about 10 minutes in length that would be appropriate for a 6-12th grade audience" that they could show at an assembly for American Indian Heritage Appreciation Day. I didn't, so I asked Mike Jetty over at the Indian Education division of OPI. He recommended this video from Montana Tourism: Sacred Lands From Peaks To Plains: Introducing the First Nations of Montana to the World on the Visit Montana Indians Nations page. According to Mike, it "introduces the MT Tribal Nations and it is only about 9 minutes long.  I’ve used it with both students and teachers and it always gets 2 big thumbs up.  They have also produced several brief videos about each reservation, just click on the individual reservation links on the right of the page."

He also said that OPI has "a new 10-minute IEFA music video that features Supaman – a young Crow man who fancy dances and raps.  This video also gets great feedback."  

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