Monday, February 10, 2014

Nominate a History Hero

The Montana Historical Society Board of Trustees is seeking nominations from across the state for its prestigious Heritage Keepers Awards. Do you know of someone in your community whose local history work deserves to be recognized? If so, read on.

Two Heritage Keepers Awards are presented each year to those who have had a significant impact on generating interest in and the preservation of the rich and diverse history of Montana. One award is given for eastern Montana and another for western Montana with the dividing line at Lewistown. The awards will be presented at the MHS Montana History Conference, September 18-20, 2014 in Helena. (Put those dates on your calendar and think about attending--it is going to be a great one.)

One of the purposes of the award is to encourage everyone to become engaged and involved with their own personal and local histories. “Better understanding of the past in the present gives us knowledge to better our future for the good of our families, our state, and our nation,” MHS Trustee Shirley Groff of Butte explained.

Nominations can be submitted for a living individual or a currently active group that has significantly contributed to history or heritage with a statewide, regional or community focus covering any aspect of the long and varied history of the state.

Examples of nominees are cultural groups, artists, educators, authors, genealogists, historians, preservationists, archivist or historical groups and clubs.  The nominees’ work or project should enhance, promote or encourage interest in Montana history.

Nominations must be received by April 1, and nomination forms are available on line at or by calling 406-444-1799.There are three questions limited to 500 word answers: contributions to Montana history; strengths and impacts of the history goals achieved by the nominee; and a biographical sketch of the nominee. Supporting documentation such as news clips, commendations and letters of support can be attached.

Past award recipients can be viewed here.

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