Thursday, September 26, 2013

Montana: Stories of the Land Now Aligned to Common Core

You asked, we've delivered. We now have charts showing how the Montana history textbook, Montana: Stories of the Land, aligns to the new Common Core literacy standards--including the history and social studies, reading, writing, and speaking and listening standards. Find standard alignments for the textbook, the end of chapter questions and exercises, and the worksheets here.

That same link will also take you to charts showing the alignment to Montana State Standards for Social Studies and the Essential Understandings regarding Montana Indians.

We’re working on posting similar charts for other curriculum material we’ve created. Stay tuned.

By the way--if you are new to the textbook, I highly recommend you take our online tour. It is a little dated, because we've added some new resources since it was created, but it gives a nice overview of the Montana: Stories of the Land companion website and I bet you'll find teaching resources you hadn't found in your own exploration. Submit the quiz at the end to earn an OPI Renewal Unit.

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