Tuesday, January 17, 2012

National History Day--It's Not Too Late

Planning on having your students participate in National History Day this year? 

If so, check out this website that Montana City middle school teacher Moffie Funk put together this webpage to help her students learn more about the program.  It is a great resource for students creating NHD projects.

Encourage your students to contact the History Team Commandos at MSU-B. This valuable resource can provide support, access to academic articles, and more—making your job easier and your students’ projects better. 

Make sure to contact Tom Rust and let him know your students plan to participate.

Unsure about the NHD but want to learn more? 

Start with Moffie’s website. It’s a good introduction for teachers, too. 

Visit the National History Day website, the Montana National History Day website, or the Montana Historical Society’s NHD website

Remember: You can do NHD in your classroom—the contests are optional.

Contact NHD coordinator Tom Rust, trust@msubillings.edu or 406-657-2891 for answers to your questions. 

Consider volunteering as a judge at a classroom competition near you, at one of the regional competitions in Billings (March 17) and Travelers Rest State Park in Lolo (March 31), or at the statewide competition in Helena (April 21). There’s nothing like judging to get an inside view of NHD—and figure out whether NHD is right for you and your students.

Decidedly not interested in NHD? 

Check out this  article on the value of the research paper. National History Day is *one* way to encourage research, analysis and inquiry, but it is not the only way.

Stay tuned for future posts on completely unrelated topics.

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