Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Teacher and Student Scholarships to the Montana History Conference

The Montana Historical Society is pleased to announce that the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation is again funding a number of scholarships for teachers and/or STUDENTS who want to attend the history conference. Last year a teacher at Butte High received scholarships to bring two of his students (both sophomores I believe) who were active in the Butte High History Club. It was really fun having young faces at the conference and they said they had a great time.

The deadline for applying for the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation scholarships is August 30. We recognize this is an awkward deadline (August 30 is the first day of school in Helena, anyway)—so we encourage teachers to recruit students and put in their own applications before school gets out this summer. More information on the Washington Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation scholarship is available here: http://mhs.mt.gov/education/washingtonfoundation.asp 

The full conference program will be posted on our website by early June. Visit http://mhs.mt.gov/museum/historyconference2011.asp

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