Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mountain West Voices and Headwater News

I just discovered Mountain West Voices—a radio program that uses compelling human stories from the intermountain west to explore the complex history, culture, present and future of this extraordinary place. Broadcast on Montana Public Radio, the short features are also available via the web, where they are accompanied by images, transcripts, and notes in a section called “Reporter’s Notebook.” In the most recent episode, reporter Clay Scott travels to Montana's Fort Belknap Indian Reservation for a ceremony honoring two airmen returning from a tour in the Middle East.

You can find it here: http://mountainwestvoices.org/Default.aspx.

I learned about Mountain West Voices from Headwaters News, which is simply the best aggregator of information on contemporary western topics, from wolf wars to water rights to tribal issues. You can check out the content and subscribe (for FREE) here: http://www.headwatersnews.org/.

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